Monday, 9 January 2012

And the abandoned shopping trolley award goes to ...

If there was a prize for the most unlikely source for a shopping trolley abandoned in Brookside, I think I'd have won it on Saturday when I found a Marks & Spencer trolley on the green by Windmill School!

I've had to report an abandoned trolley to Co-op and they expect to find them in Brookside.  I've reported one to Tesco in Madeley and they were a little surprised.  I phoned Marks & Spencer yesterday and they said "how the hell did that get there?"

I'm actually quite impressed that someone's managed to get a shopping trolley out of the town centre and push it 2 and a half miles to Brookside.  If only that persistence and ingenuity could be put to use with something useful in Brookside!

Marks & Spencer will be collecting the trolley this morning, assuming it's still there.