Monday, 5 December 2011

A timely reminder to check your smoke alarms

Earlier this year one of our neighbours was killed along with his young daughter following a house fire.

Although it was only a small fire which burnt itself out, the father and daughter were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.  There were no working smoke alarms in the house - had there been, they would still be alive now and we'd still see the young girl bouncing along the top of our garden fence on her dad's shoulders waving at the kids through the window while the dog went mental at the patio door.

When I wrote about the results of the inquest into their deaths earlier this year, I said that it was a tragic waste of lives and all it would have taken to save them was a smoke alarm.  I want to again urge people to ensure that they have working smoke alarms in their homes in light of the story on the front page of tonight's Shropshire Star about the lucky escape one family had in Wellington in the early hours of this morning.

The family whose home was set on fire by a faulty tumble drier are good friends of ours and they now face the prospect of Christmas in a smoke and fire damaged home and having lost one of their family pets to smoke inhalation.  They were incredibly lucky that there was something decent on TV (for a change) and Clint was still awake in front of it otherwise the result could have been very different and quite tragic.  Luckily for them (and us) the family escaped uninjured and all but one of their dogs escaped unscathed.

Please check your smoke alarms and replace batteries if necessary.  If you don't have smoke alarms you can contact Telford & Wrekin Council to arrange to have some fitted and in some circumstances you can get them fitted free of charge.  Smoke alarms can be bought from supermarkets for as little as £4 if you'd rather fit your own.  For the sake of £4, can you afford not to fit smoke alarms?