Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Randlay Avenue uneven surface

A couple of months ago I reported the sorry state of Randlay Avenue to the borough council in the hope that they would do something about the damage to the road which is present from the mini island junction with Grange Avenue up to the new local centre that is being built.

The problem isn't superficial damage to the road surface (ie. potholes or worn surface) it looks to be more structural.  The surface isn't broken - there are no holes - but there are alarming dips in the side of the road that come far enough out into the carriageway to force drivers to ride the white line to avoid them.7

After 5 or 6 weeks I chased a response from the council as I still hadn't heard anything to find that the response had been sent to the parish council rather than me.  They sent me a copy of the reply which was disappointing to say the least.  Someone has been out to inspect the road, found no reason for concern and will check it again in a few months.

Clearly this isn't acceptable - the winter weather will damage the road surface and increase the cost of repair and the uneven road will damage cars potentially putting the borough council at risk of compensation claims.  I have asked the highways department to look again at the road.