Friday, 30 December 2011

Grange Avenue flooded again

Unless you've been locked up in your bedroom with the curtains closed and the TV on full blast for the last 48 hours, you will have noticed a few spots of rain and of course with the rain comes flooding.

The usual flooding problem spot on Grange Avenue behind the Co-op is flooded worse than ever, almost the entire width of the road is flooded and it's as high as the kerb on the BMX track side of the road.  The road has also flooded by the car park at the rear of the Wrekin Housing Trust shop in Stirchley which is unusual.

I haven't seen any other floods around but there is a lot of surface water on the roads so take care when driving.  I have reported the flooding to the borough council who will put up flood warning signs but due to flooding elsewhere in the borough, they only have four signs left that aren't already deployed.  The ongoing flooding problems in Grange Avenue are being referred to the borough drainage officer.