Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Letter in Shropshire Star: Well done to the MP

Well Done To The MP

I'd like to congratulate Mark Pritchard MP on finding his backbone and voting for a referendum on our membership of the EU, despite the order from his own party not to do so.

Over 100,000 signed the petition calling for a referendum on membership of the EU which triggered the debate.

The leaders of the establishment parties imposed a three-line whip, threatening MPs with sanctions if they didn't ignore their constituents and voted how their party instructed them to.

Most of the MPs who voted against a referendum didn't even turn up for the debate, either too ashamed to be shown on TV arguing against democracy or more interested in the contents of the taxpayer-subsidised bars than representing the people who voted for them.

In the end, only 111 MPs voted for us to be allowed to decide whether we want to be part of the EU while 483 stuck two fingers up to democracy.

What makes this all the more ironic is that David Cameron had been congratulating the people of Libya on the overthrow of their own dictator!

This confirms what UKIP has been saying all along - the three parties are all pro-EU and anti-democracy.

Mark Pritchard may have rebelled, but while he remains a Conservative MP he is propping up David Cameron's dictatorial regime.

Councillor Stuart Parr
UKIP, Brookside