Saturday, 12 November 2011

Letter in Shropshire Star: Boundary Clap-trap

The Shropshire Star have published another letter of mine (£) on the subject of the proposed boundary changes affecting Telford.

Boundary Clap-trap

I really can’t believe the clap-trap coming from Telford & Wrekin Council about proposed changes to parliamentary constituencies in the county.

The latest press release from the leader, Councillor Kuldip Sahota, would like us to believe that moving the boundary already dividing the town into two will split the town in two and destroy communities – a complete fantasy.

Telford is already divided between two constituencies. Changing where that boundary runs won’t split up communities.

The proposal is over moving parliamentary boundaries, not partitioning the town, creating two councils or building a wall down the middle of street like you get in Belfast. Telford will still be Telford if David Wright’s neighbours get to vote for him or Mark Pritchard.

Councillor Sahota says the Boundary Commission chose the M54 as an arbitrary border. On what basis was the current boundary chosen? It is arbitrary and doesn’t seem to have done anything to divide communities in Trench or Hadley.

He goes on to say that the views of residents have to be represented, but who has been asked their opinion by Telford & Wrekin Council?

The council’s alternative is a thinly veiled attempt to guarantee a safe seat for David Wright in the Labour-voting estates that form the core of the town.Let’s not hear any more rubbish about our town being split in two. Let’s not have more of our taxes wasted trying to promote their nonsensical, politically-motivated alternative.

Councillor Stuart Parr
UKIP, Brookside