Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Last night's ECC meeting

Here are a couple of updates from last night's meeting of the Environment and Community Committee meeting of the parish council which I am on.
  • Christmas lights at Brookside and Stirchley - I asked a couple of months ago for Christmas lights or decorations at Brookside as currently only Stirchley has any Christmas decorations, outside the parish council offices.  The Clerk has been very busy trying to organise something but we left it until too late in the year to plan so it was agreed that planning for Christmas decorations would start in January.
  • Village greens - the borough council have asked that the parish council stop pursuing village green status for the two green spaces next to Windmill School until after regeneration plans have been produced as they don't want to exclude any possibilities.  It was unanimously agreed that the answer to that is no, we want the green spaces protected now.  An offer of creating another green space if the current ones are built on isn't good enough because it's not just a grassed area, there are trees and hundreds of nesting birds in the summer.
  • Motorbikes on the long footpath between Burford and Burtondale - I asked for it to be noted that there is a problem with motorbikes on the footpath and that they travel at speed along it.  This was one of the common pieces of feedback from the survey I did for Brookside Improvement Group last week.
  • Communication about regeneration - it was agreed that the flow of information about regeneration and other matters from the borough council was poor, not just for councillors but the parish council itself.  Announcements about the regeneration of Brookside were made to the press before the parish council was informed.  I have already written to the cabinet member for regeneration, Cllr Shaun Davies, about the lack of communication and the Clerk has had a meeting with someone from the borough council about the same issue.

Please bear in mind that these are just my interpretation of events, the official record will be the minutes approved at the new meeting.