Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Twenty minutes to respond to 999 call

On Sunday we had an incident in Briarwood involving around 30-40 kids of varying ages from mid-teens down to 6 or 7 years old.

Some of the children had been involved in a fight at the skate park and kids being kids, had all followed each other to Briarwood where a couple of the children who had been fighting live.  I went out to them and tried to send them home before they got in trouble but the parents of one of the children who had been fighting came out to give the kids a piece of their mind.  They then set up a fight between the children again at which point I walked away and phoned the police.  Whilst I was on the phone to the police the mother allegedly assaulted a teenage girl.

Now, bear in mind that I had called 999 due to the amount of children and the involvement of some very irate and quite aggressive adults - how long would you expect the police to take to turn up to an incident involving 30-30 children and in which an adult has allegedly assaulted a child?  Does 20 minutes sound acceptable?  Also consider that I phoned the police again when the parents of the child that was allegedly assaulted arrived to confront the person who had allegedly assaulted her to advise them that said parents were now there.

Personally, I don't think 20 minutes is an acceptable response time to that incident.  I have contacted the police to ask for an explanation and to ask them what plan they have for dealing with the increase in anti-social behaviour in Brookside.