Monday, 3 October 2011

Stirchley & Brookside Visioning Day

I spent today at Progress House with the other parish councillors for a Visioning Day.

The purpose of the Visioning Day was to start work on a new parish plan by identifying issues and potential solutions and sharing any other ideas that we think might improve the service the parish council, borough council and other agencies provide.

As well as our own experiences and feedback from residents that have spoken to councillors, we also used information gathered by Brookside Improvement Group at a couple of events the group held.  I wandered round with a clipboard myself at one of them gathering the information so I know it's of good quality!

It will take quite a long time to produce a draft, mainly because we had so many ideas.  But once it is produced it should be put out for consultation so residents can tell us whether we've got it right or not.

If everything we discussed and suggested is delivered, I think we would have some of the best services in the country.  If only half of it is delivered we will have the best services in Telford & Wrekin.  Some of the things suggested are really quiet innovative and Stirchley & Brookside will be setting an example to other parish council's all over the country if they all make it into the plan and are delivered.