Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Shropshire Star: Townspeople Have No Affiliation With Ludlow

I know this isn't specifically about Brookside but it's kind of relevant as the Boundary Commission for England has proposed changes to the Telford constituency that will see Much Wenlock sharing an MP with Brookside. It also shows how detached from reality councillors can become if they're not kept on their toes!

Townspeople Have No Affiliation With Ludlow (£)

I am surprised at Much Wenlock Town Council's decision to lobby the Boundary Commission for England against the proposal to include the town in a new Bridgnorth and Telford South parliamentary constituency on the grounds that the town has more in common with Ludlow than Telford.

I grew up in Much Wenlock and my family have lived there for generations. I have never even been to Ludlow, let alone felt any affiliation to it.

When I lived in Much Wenlock, if we said we were 'going to town' it meant Shrewsbury. If we didn't go to Shrewsbury it was Bridgnorth instead, but never Ludlow.

If there is a case for Much Wenlock to be linked to a different constituency to Telford then maybe Shrewsbury & Atcham would be a better fit but as most people in Much Wenlock work in Telford, I would suggest that there are more links between Much Wenlock and Telford, not Ludlow.

The proposed Bridgnorth & Telford South constituency is flawed because it crosses local authority borders but on the other hand it makes sense because of the close ties with Telford.

One thing is for sure though, nobody in Much Wenlock apart from the councillors have an affiliation with Ludlow

Cllr Stuart Parr (UKIP)