Monday, 19 September 2011

Virgin Media cabinets targeted

Virgin Media cabinets have been targeted by vandals/thieves on Brookside over Friday and the weekend.

Photo: Alan Stanton
The doors have been pulled off the cabinets which has left the cabling and transformers exposed.

The green cabinets are full of copper wire which is probably why they were broken into in the first place.  The copper wire clearly hasn't been stolen out of them otherwise large parts of Brookside would be without cable services and it wouldn't have taken the whole weekend for Virgin Media to come and repair them!

Although people losing their cable phone, TV and internet is obviously a problem, much worse is the risk that children may decide to investigate the inside of the cabinets which are wired into the mains.  If you've walked up the path from Windmill School towards Birchmore, the loud humming noise you can hear is the noisy transformer inside the cabinet servicing Briarwood flats.  Curious children poking their fingers at the transformer are likely to get a shock.  A potentially fatal one.

If you do see an open cabinet then please report it to Virgin Media.  If you think someone is in danger because of the cabinet being open then report it to the police on 03003333000.

I have already reported the two cabinets near Birchmore and Bournbrook Gardens which have been repaired and I have reported the one to the rear of 170 Briarwood today which should hopefully be fixed soon.