Saturday, 24 September 2011

Vandalism at new Redgra park

Construction work stated on the new play equipment near the skate park outside Windmill School on Wednesday morning.  Vandals came to visit on Wednesday evening.  And again on Thursday evening.  And again last night.

Luckily the play equipment so far seems to have survived the mindless vandalism that has wrecked the security fencing put in place to stop people from climbing on the half finished play equipment and hurting themselves.

I contacted the police on Thursday evening about this and the anti-social behaviour problems in general around the skate park area.  You may remember the building work that extended the school grounds so the Surestart Centre could be built - the building site and security fencing was vandalised then.  The floor of the skate park has to be replaced soon because of a number of fires that have been lit in there.  A fire was started next to the skate park a couple of weeks ago.  These are just specific examples of things that go beyond the low-level anti-social behaviour that is ever present in that area.

I also escalated this to the borough council through our parish clerk as they are the ones building the new park. As a result of this, the council's contractors, TWS, will be checking the site today and tomorrow to check for damage and putting the security fencing back if it gets knocked over and vandalised again.  The borough council have also asked the police to step up patrols in the area because of the anti-social behaviour problems and electrical contractors will be out next week to repair/replace the CCTV camera as the picture quality is poor.  I asked if a floodlight could be put in place inside the school grounds to light the building site as it's pitch black there at night which encourages anti-social behaviour.  Unfortunately there is no budget for a floodlight and it was too late in the day to arrange anyway.

It's a shame that this investment of several thousands of pounds of taxpayers money is being rewarded with mindless vandalism but it's up to the responsible and law-abiding majority to make sure that the new equipment is respected and not destroyed before it's even finished.  If you see people vandalising the security fencing or equipment than please phone West Merica Police on 0300 333 3000.