Thursday, 29 September 2011

Letter in Shropshire Star: Mark Pritchard on the EU

The Shropshire Star published a letter of mine in last night's paper about Mark Pritchard MP.

Mark has had a Road to Damascus moment about the EU since he burned his bridges with the leadership of his party by going public about the threats and bribes from the whips over his circus animals ban.  He's decided that being part of the EU isn't a very good idea any more and we should leave.

But rather than do the sensible thing and ditch his party, which not only wants us to stay in the EU but wants to give it more power over us, he is staying as a Conservative MP and in doing so is giving David Cameron a mandate to continue refusing us the referendum he promised.  If he doesn't lose any MPs over it, he's never going to change his mind is he?

You may be thinking "this is nothing to do with a parish council" but actually it's quite relevant.  According to the one of the parish clerk associations (I forget which one), well over half of all regulations affecting parish councils come from the EU.  So even at the very lowest level of local government the EU is behind so much of what we do.

Anyway, here's the letter ...

Why Take So Long?

It makes a refreshing change to hear an MP call for a referendum on membership of the EU, but why has it taken so long for Mark Pritchard to decide that actually it might be sort of, you know, democratic if they were to allow us proles to make decisions from time to time?

To be fair to Mr Pritchard, he has voted against most EU power grabs except where it involved handing over control of our financial sector and billions of pounds to bail out the euro.

There are reportedly over 100 Tory MPs like Mark Pritchard claiming to be 'mainstream eurosceptics'.

What sets their 'mainstream euroscepticism' apart from normal euroscepticism is that they don't believe in leaving the EU.

So not exactly eurosceptic, just the same old rubbish about reforming the unreformable EU.

I'm sure these 'eurosceptic' Tory MPs will force David Cameron to make some vague promise about the EU but, as we know from his 'cast iron guarantee' to give us a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty, his word is worthless.

Every MP who stays in the Conservative Party gives David Cameron a mandate to pursue ever closer union with the EU. Mark Pritchard isn't part of the solution, he's part of the problem. There is only one party that opposes the UK's membership of the EU and that's UKIP.

Councillor Stuart Parr
UKIP Brookside