Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fly-tipping and broken "danger" fencing

I went for a walkabout around the estate the other night and have reported the following problems:
  • Fly-tipping in Burtondale
  • Fly-tipping in Burnside
  • Damage to fencing in Blakemore
© Google
The last one is quite interesting because the fencing appears to be (or should have been) blocking off what I assume are gas pipes. There is a yellow sign on the gate warning of danger and concrete blocks on the ground to make sure nobody drives into the pipes.

The fence, however, has been kicked in for some time judging by the fact that even Google Streetview shows it in that state and they came round taking pictures a couple of years ago!

If whatever is inside the compound is dangerous enough to warrant putting a "danger" sign on the gate then surely it's dangerous enough to repair the fence so that people can't just walk in?