Friday, 22 July 2011

Update on last week's issues

I reported a number of problems to Telford & Wrekin Council on Sunday - fly tipping in Beaconsfield, an open drain alongside Grange Avenue and littering on the footpath between Grange Avenue and Bedstone Close.

The sofa that was dumped in Beaconsfield has been removed, the footpath has been referred to the street cleansing people to be tidied up and the drain has been made safe while a section 81 notice has been issued to Severn Trent to repair it properly.

I have today reported a burnt out wheelie bin behind the youth club on Beaconsfield.  I have also let the web team know that in fixing the problem with the website to report fly tipping that I reported a few weeks ago, they have introduced a new one where you can't move between fields in the correct order using the keyboard!