Sunday, 17 July 2011

Reported: Fly tipping, littering and an open drain

I have today reported the following to Telford & Wrekin Council for action:

  • Fly tipping in Beaconsfield - another sofa to replace the one I had removed last month.  It's good to know the nice people in Beaconsfield are doing their bit to keep the home furnishings industry afloat, it's a shame they're giving Environmental Services so much work in the process!
  • Open drain alongside Grange Avenue next to one of the unofficial entrances to the BMX track - it's only a small pipe but it's a trip hazard and leaves the council open to injury claims.
  • Littering on the footpath from Grange Avenue to Bedstone Close
I also noticed large amounts of litter around the BMX track yesterday while I was stewarding the fun day.  Kids usually get the blame for littering but this was mainly beer and cider cans.  Of course some kids drink but there were an awful lot of cans for underage drinkers.  This was cleaned up by the maintenance people at the parish council before the fun day.