Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Paying for the council's pest control? Buzz off!

Walking the kids home from school yesterday (my wife injured herself the other day walking the dog) we came past the overgrown bushes in Briarwood that I reported last week and the honey bees that have set up home in there started flying at us.

Naturally I was concerned that the bees were becoming defensive so I phoned Telford & Wrekin Council to ask them to deal with them.  I was surprised when I was told that the council won't deal with bees on council land, even if they are becoming aggressive.  I was even more surprised when it was suggested that I phone a pest control company from the Yellow Pages and pay them to deal with the bees on the council's land!

Naturally I declined the kind offer of paying to have the bees dealt with and after pressing the lady at the council, she suggested that I contact a local beekeeper as they will usually take them away for free for their own colonies.  This was welcome advice and the beekeeper I phoned presumably came out last night to collect them as they've gone now.  But why wasn't I given this advice in the first place instead of being told I should pay for the council's pest control out of my own pocket?

If you find honey bees that need dealing with, you can contact one of the beekeepers at the Shropshire Beekeepers' Association.