Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Update: Fly tipping in Beaconsfield/Bembridge & resurfacing Stirchley Road

The fly tipping and dog fouling in Beaconsfield and Bembridge that I reported at the weekend are being dealt with this week (so I am told by the borough council).

The poor condition of Stirchley Road which I reported almost a month ago has now (thanks to the efforts of the parish clerk) been put on the list for major structural work in the next few months and the potholes will be patched within a week.

Edit: I also reported that the form to report fly tipping doesn't work in Google Chrome (an alternative and, in my opinion, infinitely better web browser than Internet Explorer) and got a reply today saying that it's been reported to the vendor (it also doesn't work in Safari so) and they will have an update in a couple of days.

Two Three pieces of good news in one week and it's only Tuesday!