Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Letter in Shropshire Star: Electorate following habits of parents

A couple of weeks ago a letter appeared in the Shropshire Star in response to the many letters that appear in there daily criticising the EU claiming that the general election last year was a referendum on the EU and on UKIP.  This is quite absurd and I couldn't help but write a letter in response.

I also took the opportunity to remind the Shropshire Star that the Lib Dem MEP, Liz Lynne, is not the MEP for Shropshire as they keep calling her but the MEP for the West Midlands euroregion.  To be fair to the Shropshire Star, they are just copying from her press releases which incorrectly describe her as "the Euro MP for Shropshire" in an attempt to mislead people.

Electorate following habits of parents

David Burton is incorrect in his response to Simon Rogers' letter claiming last year's general election was a referendum on our membership of the EU.

The general election was no more a referendum on the EU or UKIP than it was on foreign policy, the environment, devolution or any other subject that motivates the electorate at any other time.

Generations of voters have put their cross next to one of the europhile parties for no other reason than their parents voted for Labour, the Lib Dems or the Conservatives and last year they did exactly the same thing.

The vast majority of people want to free our country from the tyranny of the European Empire but the British government won't listen.

The electorate are lied to, conned and stolen from by politicians from the LibLabcon but most people still vote for them.

Why would they listen if they know they can rely on the votes of people they cheat and deceive?  Kick them in the ballot box and they might start listening.

And while I'm on the subject of elections, can I remind the Shropshire Star that the Lib Dem, Liz Lynne, is not "the MEP for Shropshire" as she is routinely described?

She is just one of six MEPs - three Conservative, two UKIP and one Lib Dem - elected in the West Midlands euroregion in 2009.  None of the West Midlands MEPs (including Liz Lynee who is based in Stratford-upon-Avon) is based in the county which shows what a farce the EU's regionalisation of England is.

Councillor Stuart Parr