Saturday, 4 June 2011

BIG Litter Pick

Brookside Improvement Group held its monthly litter pick today in the glorious sunshine.

Fly-tipping in Blakemore
Normally litter picks only last for an hour but as the weather was so nice, we ended up staying out for an hour and a half.  It's not the most exciting way to spend a sunny Saturday morning but if we residents don't tidy up our estate then who else is going to?  The council can't afford to do it, it would be a full time job!

Including myself and my daughter, there were 6 of us on today's litter pick.  It's always the same faces at these litter picks - plenty of people complain about the rubbish and tell us what a great job we're doing when they see us but they always politely decline the offer to join us in tidying up the mess outside their houses and where their kids play and go to school.

All in all, we collected 8 sacks of rubbish from the field behind the Windmill School, the top of Burnside, Brindleyford, Blakemore and Bishopdale.

One lot of fly-tipping in Blakemore was particularly annoying because one of the bags was full of clothes.  If you have clothes that are clean and wearable then you can put them in a sack and leave them out with your recycling and the recycling crew will take them away and donate them to charity.  There is no sense in throwing bags of clothes in bushes when the council will take them away for you free of charge and donate them to a good cause.