Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Update: Fly tipping in Beaconsfield/Bembridge & resurfacing Stirchley Road

The fly tipping and dog fouling in Beaconsfield and Bembridge that I reported at the weekend are being dealt with this week (so I am told by the borough council).

The poor condition of Stirchley Road which I reported almost a month ago has now (thanks to the efforts of the parish clerk) been put on the list for major structural work in the next few months and the potholes will be patched within a week.

Edit: I also reported that the form to report fly tipping doesn't work in Google Chrome (an alternative and, in my opinion, infinitely better web browser than Internet Explorer) and got a reply today saying that it's been reported to the vendor (it also doesn't work in Safari so) and they will have an update in a couple of days.

Two Three pieces of good news in one week and it's only Tuesday!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fly tipping, dog fouling and the Queen's carriage

I often take advantage of my dog walking duties to go on a walkabout around the estate.

Firstly, it gives me an opportunity to see if there are any problems that need addressing such as the fly tipping or excessive dog fouling.  Yesterday I walked around Beaconsfield and Bembridge again and the excessive dog fouling that I spotted last month is still a problem so I have reported it to the dog warden.  The old sofa that has been on Beaconsfield opposite the car park by the school has now been joined by a mattress so I have reported this to environmental maintenance who should arrange for its collection.

Secondly, I enjoy finding new places that I've never seen before.  Even after 10 years of living in Brookside I still haven't seen everything there is to see in Brookside.

Finally, you can meet some interesting people.  This morning I was walking the dog in Birchmore when someone asked if I'd help lift something into the back of their car.  I helped him lift it and we got chatting.  It turns out he keeps horses near where I grew up and used to ride until he fell off his horse and took a hoof to the head.  He also used to own one of the Queen's old carriages until he sold it after his accident.  We spent so long talking my wife phoned me to see if I was coming home any time today!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Letter in Shropshire Star: Electorate following habits of parents

A couple of weeks ago a letter appeared in the Shropshire Star in response to the many letters that appear in there daily criticising the EU claiming that the general election last year was a referendum on the EU and on UKIP.  This is quite absurd and I couldn't help but write a letter in response.

I also took the opportunity to remind the Shropshire Star that the Lib Dem MEP, Liz Lynne, is not the MEP for Shropshire as they keep calling her but the MEP for the West Midlands euroregion.  To be fair to the Shropshire Star, they are just copying from her press releases which incorrectly describe her as "the Euro MP for Shropshire" in an attempt to mislead people.

Electorate following habits of parents

David Burton is incorrect in his response to Simon Rogers' letter claiming last year's general election was a referendum on our membership of the EU.

The general election was no more a referendum on the EU or UKIP than it was on foreign policy, the environment, devolution or any other subject that motivates the electorate at any other time.

Generations of voters have put their cross next to one of the europhile parties for no other reason than their parents voted for Labour, the Lib Dems or the Conservatives and last year they did exactly the same thing.

The vast majority of people want to free our country from the tyranny of the European Empire but the British government won't listen.

The electorate are lied to, conned and stolen from by politicians from the LibLabcon but most people still vote for them.

Why would they listen if they know they can rely on the votes of people they cheat and deceive?  Kick them in the ballot box and they might start listening.

And while I'm on the subject of elections, can I remind the Shropshire Star that the Lib Dem, Liz Lynne, is not "the MEP for Shropshire" as she is routinely described?

She is just one of six MEPs - three Conservative, two UKIP and one Lib Dem - elected in the West Midlands euroregion in 2009.  None of the West Midlands MEPs (including Liz Lynee who is based in Stratford-upon-Avon) is based in the county which shows what a farce the EU's regionalisation of England is.

Councillor Stuart Parr

Friday, 17 June 2011

Improvement at Holmer Lake?

One of the issues that was raised with me in the run-up to the election in May was the rubbish around Holmer Lake.

Image Copyright Row17. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Licence. To view a copy of this licence, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
I inspected the area at the time but it had just been cleared up by the council's contractors so I couldn't gauge the scale of the problem for myself.  However, after confirming with Severn Trent that they had no responsibility for the foreshore I did contact Telford & Wrekin Council's environmental maintenance people and made them aware of the issue and asked for information about the inspection schedule.

I got a response a few weeks ago confirming that the area around Holmer Lake is inspected once or twice a month and that for a short time they would step up the inspections to see if the problem has worsened.

I would be interested to know if residents have noticed any difference in the cleanliness of the area over the last month or so.

Brookside Improvement Group AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Brookside Improvement Group is on Tuesday 12th of July at 7pm.

At this AGM, members will have the opportunity to vote for the four honourary officers - the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Letters will be going out shortly to BIG members inviting them to nominate themselves for one or more of the positions and to attend the AGM where the vote will be taken.  There will be no postal or proxy voting so members must attend the meeting to cast their vote.

If you aren't already a BIG member and you want to do something positive to help your community then I would recommend you get in touch with the group and you can do this in a number of ways:
If you are already a BIG member and want more details of the AGM, please speak to Petra.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Spate of arson attacks in area

There have been a spate of fires around South Telford recently, including in Brookside and Stirchley.

On several occasions, the fires have been caused by aerosol cans being set alight, not only putting passers by and homeowners at risk but putting themselves at very real risk of serious injury.  Aerosol cans are highly explosive.

The fire brigade were called out to a fire at the weekend in Birchmore where some computer equipment was set alight in a hedge, spreading to trees in the garden of a disabled person's home.  Luckily the fire was put out before it spread to the house.

If you have any information on the arsonists behind the fires, you can report the information anonymously to Crimestoppers by phoning 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sitrchley Road

The condition of Stirchley Road between Grange Avenue and Stirchley Lane is appalling and has been for some time.

The road surface between the junction with Grange Avenue up past the junction with Stirchley Lane is very badly worn and is urgently in need of repair.

I have reported this to Telford & Wrekin Council and an officer for the highway maintenance department at the borough council (who are responsible for road maintenance) is going to inspect the road and let me know the outcome.

The parish council's Environmental Maintenance Officers have also been asked to inspect the road and give a report to the borough council.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Mobility Scooter Stolen in Blakemore

There really are some sick people in the world and unfortunately it looks like some of them are in Brookside.

Today's Shropshire Star is reporting that a 59 year old man has had his mobility scooter stolen from his back garden in Blakemore over the weekend.

You either have to be very desperate or morally desolate to steal somebody else's possessions but I didn't think anybody was that desperate or devoid of morals that they would steal a mobility scooter from a disabled man.

If anyone has any information on this theft you can contact CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or contact me anonymously and I will pass on the information on your behalf.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

BIG Litter Pick

Brookside Improvement Group held its monthly litter pick today in the glorious sunshine.

Fly-tipping in Blakemore
Normally litter picks only last for an hour but as the weather was so nice, we ended up staying out for an hour and a half.  It's not the most exciting way to spend a sunny Saturday morning but if we residents don't tidy up our estate then who else is going to?  The council can't afford to do it, it would be a full time job!

Including myself and my daughter, there were 6 of us on today's litter pick.  It's always the same faces at these litter picks - plenty of people complain about the rubbish and tell us what a great job we're doing when they see us but they always politely decline the offer to join us in tidying up the mess outside their houses and where their kids play and go to school.

All in all, we collected 8 sacks of rubbish from the field behind the Windmill School, the top of Burnside, Brindleyford, Blakemore and Bishopdale.

One lot of fly-tipping in Blakemore was particularly annoying because one of the bags was full of clothes.  If you have clothes that are clean and wearable then you can put them in a sack and leave them out with your recycling and the recycling crew will take them away and donate them to charity.  There is no sense in throwing bags of clothes in bushes when the council will take them away for you free of charge and donate them to a good cause.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Orange Mobile Phone Outage in Brookside

Orange customers in large parts of Brookside and Stirchley have been unable to use their mobile phones today and may be unable to so for some time.

Four mobile phone masts in the local area are degraded or down and the earliest repair to just one of the masts is scheduled for the 6th of June.  Unfortunately, that mast is in Horsehay and most of Brookside will be unable to connect to it due to the local geography.  There is no scheduled repair date for the other three masts in the area, two of which serve the "repeater" Orange mast at the end of Beaconsfield.

This is the latest in a long string of problems with the Orange network affecting Telford and the Brookside area in particular.

I would urge Orange customers experiencing problems today and over the next few days to call Orange as soon as possible so they can gauge the extent of the problem.  If people don't report the problem, they won't realise that it's affecting a lot of people.  I've told them but they only have my word for it!

To call Orange from a landline or non-Orange mobile phone to report a problem, call 07973100150 and press 1, 3 and then 2.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Brookside Improvement Group Litter Pick 4th June

Brookside Improvement Group (BIG) will be holding its monthly litter pick on Saturday 4th June.

If you would like to join BIG in helping to clean up our estate then just turn up at Brookside Community Centre at 10am on Saturday.  Litter pickers and flourescent bibs will be provided.

Please note: children must be accompanied by an adult.