Friday, 20 May 2011

It's time for Bellway to build on Brindleyford

The Air Ambulance came to Brookside on Wednesday after a boy severed his finger.

© Steve McShane
Having to spoken to an eyewitness, it appears that the boy in question had thrown his bike over the fence at the old Brindleyford School site, had climbed a tree to get into the site, fallen and caught his finger on the fence.

At the weekend I warned the police that kids were climbing the fence and using the site as a skatepark.  On Monday morning I warned Bellway that it was happening.  On Wednesday a 13 year old lost a finger trying to get over the fence.  If Bellway can afford to demolish 40 homes in Woodside and build new affordable housing, why can't they do something with this dangerous eyesore at Brindleyford?

I believe the young lad in question has had his finger reattached and doctors are waiting to see if his body accepts it which is good news.