Saturday, 14 May 2011

Brindleyford School Site

© Steve McShane
A resident has reported that the gates to the old Brindleyford School site have been opened and that it's being used for fly-tipping and as a skate park by local children on the Brookside Improvement Group Facebook page.

When I was having a walkabout last week I spotted some kids climbing under and over the gates with skateboards.  I did explain to them how dangerous it is inside the fence but they were having none of it - teenagers are, of course, omnipotent!

There is broken glass, rubble and exposed pipework all over the site.

I called the emergency helpline for Bellway Homes who own the site but they only advised me to phone the police and ask them to secure the site.  So the matter has been reported to the police who have been and had a word with some children playing nearby.  They won't, however, secure the site so the only thing I can suggest is that parents keep a close eye on the site and make sure their kids aren't putting themselves in danger by playing on it.

For information, the Brindleyford School site was sold by Telford & Wrekin Council to Bellway Homes for housing.  The school has been demolished but Bellway have yet to develop the site either because they can't afford to or because they don't think they can sell the houses they would build there.  Part of the deal to sell the site to Bellway included money for new play facilities which Telford & Wrekin Council are planning to spend by removing the play facilities at Brindleyford and building more facilities next to the skatepark by Windmill School.  If you have an opinion on this plan, please get in touch.